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Shame, Fear & Guilt... signs of doing it right?

This statement from Pete Walker is such an essential shift in processing trauma and the triggers that can accompany it.

Many times folks feel guilt, shame and fear, not because they did something shameful or are someone who is shameful, but because they did RIGHT ACTION.

Perhaps they spoke up for themselves and set a boundary, which historically, they might have been shamed or punished for in their young lives. They may have courageously made themselves visible by speaking publicly, triggering shame, fear or guilt for using their voice rather than hiding and staying small, as they may have had to as a child.

It can feel so unfair to experience such opposing feelings when you have engaged in right action (as you define that), AND we can also say that perhaps this also indicates that you are doing important work. Brave work. Courageous work. You are rewriting the script.

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