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It's About Relationships!

Grey box with text that reads: It's About Relationships. Text at the bottom of the box reads Amy May Counselling
Amy May Counselling - It's About Relationships

When I think about this statement and its importance in my work, I feel deeply grateful to the Indigenous folks of this land for their original thinking and knowledge in this area. I do not attempt to work on this in the same ways an Indigenous therapist might, but I see the truth of these words in my own life and each time I meet someone in my practice.

We are in a relationship with our 'selves' and the parts of ourselves that attempt to protect us.

We are in relationships with beliefs and ideas which shape how we interpret our life experiences.

We are in relationships with others, like our families, friends, and colleagues.

We are in a relationship with our bodies and how it negotiates this life.

We are in a relationship with our communities, the land, and the creatures within it.

We are relationship with time - the past, the present and the perceived future.

The wonderful thing about this is that each relationship has space for learning, desired change, unlimited growth, love, compassion and healing.

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