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A Family of Parts!

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Amy May Counselling - A Family of Parts

In my last post, I spoke about relationships. As it relates to inner relationships, I'm referring to the parts of ourselves that get created as a matter of protection in our lives.

In the ways that I work alongside folks, I take on the approach that we are in partnership with aspects of ourselves or parts of ourselves whose job is to keep the person moving along. I view it as an inner family system, which comes from the Internal Family Systems modality.

Much like any family system, how members of a family attempt to help and direct a person's life may not fit their current context. At times the ways of helping may be rooted in old scripts or beliefs that no longer have a benefit and instead have a harmful effect.

Our work together looks at the structure of your internal family of parts, their history and so on in an attempt to get to know them and help them find different roles for themselves and for the person (Self) to relate to these parts differently, which often helps the person I'm working alongside feel better about their inner experience.

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